Beech Hall School

Early Years

Beech Hall Nursery

Children attending Beech Hall Nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. They are encouraged to play outside in all weathers and in line with the EYFS enjoy both adult and child led activities on a daily basis linked to themes and children's interests. From an early age children are encouraged to be independent and make their own choices. Older children are encouraged to problem solve and develop as confident individuals. Trips into the local community are encouraged and children from the age of three enjoy regular trips to places such as Blaze Farm and Rudyard Lake.


Children of a Pre-school age are encouraged to wear a uniform, and our Pre-school room is located within the main school building, to aid in the preparation for them attending Reception next year. The Pre-school day still involves a lot of play, but Literacy and Numeracy are definitely more of a focus. Pre-school and Reception work very closely, and often have lessons and activities together, this helps to prepare the children for their move into Reception, and also encourages them to feel part of the school. Pre-school children also enjoy a range of specialist teaching including French and Music.

Our Pre-school children have their own learning journey, which is kept in their classroom. In the front of your child’s learning journey, you will find some information on the 7 areas of learning from the EYFS profile.  They are split into 2 main areas; prime and specific.

The prime areas are important because they lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and of life.

The specific areas provide the range of experiences and opportunities for children to broaden their knowledge and skills.

In the back of the learning journey, you will find each area of learning broken down to smaller steps before the Early Learning Goal (what they should be achieving by the end of Reception)…this is so you can see what your child is achieving from the evidence in this book.  The evidence can be in terms of photographs, annotations, individual/class observations, role-play situations, child/teacher-led activities. 

The learning journey will be passed onto the Reception teacher at the end of the year.