Beech Hall School

Brad Brookes - BWF's Rising Star

Congratulations to Brad Brookes who was recently awarded the British Woodworking Federation's Rising Star Award.


Brad left Beech Hall in 2013 and subsequently joined his family's business, Brookeswood, who manufacture and supply high specification windows and doors.


The Rising Star Award is awarded to nominated individuals who demonstrate performance above and beyond the call of duty, worthy of recognition for their brilliance, innovation, commitment, passion and focussed outcomes.  Brad was given the Award in recognition of the fact that his dedication and hard work have made a real difference to Brookeswood.  He has done this by always looking for ways of making continual improvements, his aptitude with IT computers and software, which he has used to great advantage and also his excellent interpersonal skills, which he has used to build great relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.


Brad would like to extend special thanks to Mrs Hanson and Miss Salt, former teachers at Beech Hall.


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